Tuesday, January 6, 2015

ChocoRocks in Guelph

Our latest arrivals!

ChocoRocks! Regular -- Salted Caramel -- Gem Stones 

ChocoRocks are a uniquely flavored chocolate chiseled into a familiar, fun and captivating shape. Coated in the most tasty and interesting colors possible, and presto, ChocoRocks are born. From cakes and cookies to shakes and snacking, these little guys will entertain and delight for any occasion. Three different products now at Sweet! in Guelph.

GemStones are the classic Chocorocks enhanced with geologic flair! These wonderful candy stones are easy to find and far from rare! Six unique candy coatings: Gold, Silver, Bronze, Topaz, Ruby and Emerald.

These chocolate covered Salted Caramel pieces combine sweet milk chocolate with a rich caramel taste. Not only will you savor ChocoRocks but the children will as well. The unique shape of each ChocoRock piece is designed to resemble a small rock. Everyone will most absolutely enjoy these fun chocolatey ChocoRocks!

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